Newspaper boy finds copy of Playboy in the yard, moral dilemma follows


MECHANICSBURG, Pa.Jan. 6, 2017PRLog — Sunbury Press has released “Skunks, Nuts and Other Stories: A Chronicle Culled from the Oral Histories of the Moore/Evans Clan,” a (true) short story compilation from veteran newspaperman John L Moore.

About the Book:
snaos_fcAs a boy delivering newspapers after school, author John L. Moore once found a copy of Playboy magazine on the grass beside the sidewalk. In “Skunks, Nuts, and Other Stories,” he details the dilemma that picking up the magazine created for him.

Moore’s collection of two dozen yarns told by and about members of his extended family reveal the humor, sadness, heroism, resourcefulness and resiliency that his family members experienced in dealing with the world around them. Without meaning to, they sometimes took part in historic events and had chance encounters with famous people.

Its real-life characters include: an aging Vietnam veteran who refuses to forget his…

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