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Carl Scheib to appear in Gratz

Gratz, PA — Former major league pitcher Carl Scheib, who is the youngest player in American League history, having taken the mound for Connie Mack’s Philadelphia A’s in 1943 at the age of 16, will be at the Gratz Community Center July 7th, 2016 at 7 PM. Carl’s biographer, Lawrence Knorr, will present his latest book Wonder Boy – The Story of Carl Scheib: The Youngest Player in American League History. Lawrence and Carl will then answer questions and sign copies of the book which will be for sale through the Gratz Historical Society. Carl will then donate some of his memorabilia to the Gratz Historical Society Museum.


wb_fcCarl Scheib, from Gratz, PA, was a young farm boy of 16 who was signed to a major league contract by Connie Mack of the Philadelphia Athletics. Carl enjoyed 11 years in the major leagues, interrupted by his service in World War II. When he made his first appearance in 1943, he was the youngest player in modern major league history. The following season, Joe Nuxhall of the National League’s Cincinnati Reds, pitched 2/3 of an inning at age 15, breaking Carl’s major league record, but Carl retained his American League record.

Known as a good-hitting pitcher, Carl hit .396 in 1951 and .298 in 1948. He hit five home runs in his career, including a grand slam.

As a pitcher, Carl was a key hurler on the 1948 Philadelphia Athletics, going 14-8 during a tight pennant race. He also went 11-7 in 1952, and saved 11 games in 1951. Behind his “pitch- to-contact” approach, the A’s set the all-time record for double plays in a season with 217 in 1949, a record that still stands.

Wonder Boy chronicles the rapid rise of Carl Scheib from his high school days at Gratz and his contributions to Dalmatia in the West Branch League, to his subsequent major league career, facing such players as Joe DiMaggio, Bill Dickey, Ted Williams, Yogi Berra, Bobby Doerr, Satchel Paige, Bob Lemon, Larry Doby, Bob Feller, Luke Appling, Early Wynn, Mickey Mantle and many more.

This volume is 240 pages

Format – hardcover w/dust jacket

black and white photos. 6 x 9

ISBN:  9781620064139

Price: $24.95

SPO003030 SPORTS & RECREATION / Baseball / History


HIS036080 HISTORY / United States / State & Local / Middle Atlantic


Cranbrook crowned, but Rommel takes tops fiction among Sunbury Press bestsellers

MECHANICSBURG, Pa.Sunbury Press has released the bestsellers list for May, 2015. The Cranbrook Schools took the top spot with their Women of the Worldanthology. Chris Papst’s Capital Murder held strong at #2. Along the Bethel Trail, by the Friends of Bethel, showed at #3. Keith Rommel’s newly released The Devil Tree led Fiction from the 4 spot.

SUNBURY PRESS – Bestsellers for May, 2015 (by Revenue)
Rank Last Month Title Author Category
1 NEW Women Who Changed the World Cranbrook Schools YA Biography
2 1 Capital Murder Chris Papst Investigation
3 2 Along the Bethel Trail Friends of Bethel AME History
4 NEW The Devil Tree Keith Rommel Thriller Fiction
5 16 The Complete Story of the Worldwide Invasion of the Orange Orbs Terry Ray Paranormal
6 7 The B Team Alan Mindell Sports Fiction
7 Rockabilly Rebel Mack Allen Smith Music History
8 At the End of the Day Madelyn Killion Literary Fiction
9 Visions of Teaoga Jim Remsen Historical Fiction
10 24 The Fossils of Blackberry Hill Kenneth Gass Paleontology
11 The Closer Alan Mindell Sports Fiction
12 6 Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last Mike Campbell History
13 21 H Is for Hershey Heather Paterno Childrens
14 22 Winter of the Metal People Dennis Herrick Historical Fiction
15 Keystone Tombstones Philadelphia Region Farrell and Farley Biography
16 NEW Where Elephants Fought Bridget Smith Historical Fiction
17 13 Pit Bulls Anthony Julian History
18 Head Over Wheels Ken Mercurio Medical Memoir
19 The Oxygen Factory Renee des Lauriers YA Thriller
20 Ambush at Dry Bone Gulch Sid Davis Western
21 The View from Four Foot Two Judi Markowitz Medical Memoir
22 5 Call Sign Dracula Joe Fair War Memoir
23 Well I’ll Be Hanged Tim Dempsey History
24 23 That Night at Surigao M Ernest Marshall History
25 27 Forts, Forests, and Flintlocks John L. Moore History
26 Hour 30 Brandon Musgrave Medical Memoir
27 30 Rivers, Raiders, and Renegades John L. Moore History
28 17 The Sign of the Eagle Jess Steven Hughes Historical Fiction
29 25 Bows, Bullets, and Bears John L. Moore History
30 29 Traders, Travelers, and Tomahawks John L. Moore History

wwctw_fcWhat a month! The company had its best month ever, topping March’s record. Compared to last May, sales more than doubled. YTD Sales are up 82% from last year. Hardcover books have grown to a 43% share of sales. EBooks recovered a bit this month, tracking at 4.2% of sales. Trade paperbacks slipped to 45%.

Women Who Changed the World, by the Cranbrook Schools, grabbed the top spot thanks to a promotion at the end of the school year. Chris Papst’s Capital Murder held strong due to author activity and breaking news about the Harrisburg financial scandal. Along the Bethel Trail, by the Friends of the Bethel AME, was helped by its release party at the Simon Cameron Mansion in Harrisburg. Keith Rommel’s The Devil Tree debuted at #4 thanks to author appearances in Florida. Terry Ray’s popular The Complete Story of the Worldwide Invasion of the Orange Orbs vaulted to #5 thanks to MUFON activities. Alan Mindell’s sports novels The B Team (#6) and The Closer (#11) were bolstered by author appearances and interest in The Kentucky Derby. Mack Allen Smith’s Rockabilly Rebel returned to the charts at #7 thanks to author activities. Madelyn Killion’s At the End of the Day took #8 thanks to author activities. Jim Remsen’s Visions of Teaoga returned to the chart at #9 due to author appearances. Kenneth Gass’s The Fossils of Blackberry Hill was climbing the charts to #10 before it was withdrawn from publication. Mike Campbell’s Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, held at #12, thanks to ongoing interest in the lost aviatrix. Heather Paterno’s H Is for Hershey rose to #13 due to sales in the Hershey region. Dennis Herrick moved up to #14 with his Winter of the Metal People. The book is popular in New Mexico. The Joes, Farrell and Farley, grabbed #15 due to regional interest in with their recently-released Keystone Tombstones Philadelphia Region. Bridget tdt_fcSmith’s new historical novel Where Elephants Fought charted at #16 thanks to sales in Mississippi. Anthony Julian’s ever-present Pit Bulls charted again at #17 because of ongoing interest in the subject matter. Ken Mercurio’s Head Over Wheels returned to the rankings at #18 thanks to author activities. YA Thriller, The Oxygen Factory, by Renee des Lauriers found #19 thanks to author events. Sid Davis’s western, Ambush at Dry Bone Gulch, took #20 due to author interest. The View from Four Foot Two, by Judi Markowitz, returned to the rankings at #21 thanks to author activity. Call Sign Dracula, the Vietnam memoir by Joe Fair, continued to chart at #22 thanks to steady sales in bookstores. Tim Dempsey’s Well I’ll Be Hanged charted at #23 thanks to author activities.  Ernie Marshall’s That Night at Surigao maintained #24 thanks to interest in the last fight between battleships in WW2. John L. Moore grabbed the four spots #’s 25, 27, 29 & 30 with 4 of the 8 books in his Frontier Pennsylvania Series. Interest remains strong from local bookstores and retailers. Brandon Musgrave’s medical school memoir Hour 30 took #26 thanks to steady ebook sales. Jess Steven Hughes was at #28 with The Sign of the Eagle. Hughes continues to benefit from his regular bookstore events.

The company released four new titles during the month of May.

SUNBURY PRESS – New Releases for May, 2015
Women Who Changed the World Cranbrook Schools YA Biography
Where Elephants Fought Bridget Smith Historical Fiction
Plain and Deadly Barbara Workinger Murder Mystery
The Devil Tree Keith Rommel Thriller Fiction

For a list of Sunbury’s best-sellers, please see the Sunbury Press web site:
For a complete list of recent and upcoming releases, please see:

“H Is for Hershey” is sweet! Heather Paterno’s book #1 atop Sunbury Press bestsellers

HERSHEY, Pa.Sunbury Press has released the bestsellers list for March, 2015. Heather Paterno’s art-filled tribute to Hershey, H Is for Hershey, took the top spot, followed by Joe Farrell and Joe Farley’s soon-to-be-released The Best of Keystone Tombstones.The Fossils of Blackberry Hill, by Kenneth Gass, claimed the third spot.

SUNBURY PRESS – Bestsellers for March, 2015 (by Revenue)
Rank Last Month Title Author Category
1 New H Is for Hershey Heather Paterno Childrens
2 New The Best of Keystone Tombstones Farrell and Farley Biography
3 New The Fossils of Blackberry Hill Kenneth Gass Paleontology
4 13 OneWay McClellan and Marks Visionary Fiction
5 New Rising Sun Descending Wade Fowler Thriller Fiction
6 4 The Closer Alan Mindell Literary Fiction
7 8 The Death Machine Charles Godfrey Historical Fiction
8 17 The Complete Story of the Worldwide Invasion of the Orange Orbs Terry Ray Paranormal
9 27 The Sign of the Eagle Jess Steven Hughes Historical Fiction
10 Emeralds of the Alhambra John Cressler Historical Fiction
11 Dead of Autumn Sherry Knowlton Thriller Fiction
12 Winter of the Metal People Dennis Herrick Historical Fiction
13 New Charlie Caw Paul Argentini YA Fiction
14 New Blood Moon S J Vermillion Thriller Fiction
15 The Trevorton, Mahanoy, and Susquehanna Railroad … Steve Troutman History
16 15 Call Sign Dracula Joe Fair War Memoir
17 16 Shadows in the Shining City John Cressler Historical Fiction
18 21 Pit Bulls Anthony Julian History
19 Dinorific Poetry 3 Mike & Ethan Sgrignoli Childrens
20 Dinorific Poetry 2 Mike & Ethan Sgrignoli Childrens
21 Dinorific Poetry 1 Mike & Ethan Sgrignoli Childrens
22 5 Head Over Wheels Ken Mercurio Medical Memoir
23 New Capital Murder Chris Papst Investigation
24 19 Jesus the Phoenician Karim El Koussa Religious History
25 The Wolf of Britannia, Part I Jess Steven Hughes Historical Fiction
26 26 Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last Mike Campbell History
27 6 The Devil’s Grasp Pisano and Koscienski Dark Fantasy
28 New Keystone Tombstones Pittsburgh Region Farrell and Farley Biography
29 20 The Bronze Dagger Marie Sontag YA Fiction
30 That Night at Surigao M Ernest Marshall History

hifh_fcSunbury Press had its best month ever in March, and its best quarter ever. Sales for the quarter were up over 60% from last year, and 44% from March of last year. Hardcover books continue to outpace all formats, taking a 42% share for the quarter. EBooks have now slipped to less than 4% of sales. Trade paperbacks remain steady.

Heather Paterno’s H Is for Hershey grabbed the top spot thanks to advance sales for her appearance at the Hershey-Derry Historical Society. Joe Farrell and Joe Farley’s The Best of Keystone Tombstones grabbed 2nd place due to advance sales for their upcoming book release party. The duo’s Pittsburgh Region book placed 28th from author activity. The Fossils of Blackberry Hill by Kenneth Gass is another hardcover book in the top three thanks to advance sales. Robin and Deborah McClellan’s OneWay surged to #4 thanks to the author’s event at the Sunbury Press store. Wade Fowler’s Rising Sun Descending grabbed the 5th spot as he prepped for his appearances. Alan Mindell’s The Closer slipped a bit to #6, but continues to sell steadily. Charles Godfrey’s recent release The Death Machine inched up to #7 thanks to author acitivities. Terry Ray’s Invasion of the Orange Orbs ratcheted up to #8 this month thanks to sales at the MUFON ArcStar bookstore. The Sign of the Eagle, the long-running bestseller from Jess Steven Hughes listed at #9, and the first volume of its prequel, The Wolf of Britannia Volume 1, made the list at #25. John Cressler’s Emeralds of the Alhambra returned to the rankings at #10 along with it’s sequel Shadows in the Shining City (at #17). Sherry Knowlton’s Dead of Autumn grabbed #11. Dennis Herrick’s steadily-selling Winter of the Metal ktbest_fcPeople was at #12. Paul Argentini’s young adult novel Charlie Caw grabbed lucky #13 thanks to advance sales. Blood Moon by S J Vermillion was #14 due to online sales upon release of the novel.  Steve Troutman’s The Trevorton, Mahanoy and Susquehanna Railroad was back on the list at #15 because of author appearances. Joe Fair’s Call Sign Dracula inched down a bit to #16, but is still popular among Vietnam vets. Anthony Julian’s Pit Bulls continues to sell steadily at #18. Mike & Ethan Sgrignoli’s Dinorific Poetry Volumes 1, 2, and 3 took consecutive spots #19, 20, and 21 thanks to author activities. Ken Mercurio’s Head Over Wheels held on at #22, still supported by cycling enthusiasts. Investigative reporter Chris Papst’s debut expose Capital Murder ranked #23 after it’s upcoming release was announced. Karim El Koussa’s Jesus the Phoenician maintained a spot in the ranking thanks to Easter sales of the hardcover edition. Mike Campbell’s Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last remained at #26 due to continued interest in the search for the lost aviatrix. Chris Pisano and Brian Koscienski’s The Devil’s Grasp slipped to #27 following convention exposure. Marie Sontag’s The Bronze Dagger held on to #29 thanks to online sales. That Night at Surigao by M. Ernest Marshall rounded out the top 30.

The company released seven new titles during the month of March.

SUNBURY PRESS – New Releases for March, 2015
Keep It Blue Haley Dean Literary Fiction
H Is for Hershey Heather Paterno Childrens
Rising Sun Descending Wade Fowler Thriller Fiction
Jesus the Phoenician (hardcover) Karim El Koussa Religious History
Rising Hope Marie Sontag Historical Fiction
Keystone Tombstones Pittsburgh Region Farrell and Farley Biography
Blood Moon S J Vermillion Thriller Fiction

For a list of Sunbury’s best-sellers, please see the Sunbury Press web site:
For a complete list of recent and upcoming releases, please see:

Children’s Trifecta — Solomon Screech Owl and Flying Pants take off — Sunbury Press bestsellers

MECHANICSBURG, Pa.Sunbury Press has released the bestsellers list for January, 2015. The late Beth Lancione’s Solomon Screen Owl Goes to the Galapagos was #1, followed by  Solomon Screech Owl’s First Flight. Lola James claimed the third spot with Flying Pants. All were childrens books benefitting from Children’s Day at the Sunbury Press Store.

ssogttg_fcAbout Solomon Screech Owl Goes to the Galapagos:
In the second of Solomon Screech Owl’s stories, Sollie travels, with help from some whales, to the Galapagos Islands, where he meets birds that seem very different from himself. As he gets to know them better, he comes to understand that they all have more in common than he first thought.

About the author & illustrator:
Beth and Kathy, with their husbands Mel Lancione and Gary Haney, visited the Galapagos Islands in 2005 and saw, at very close range, all of the fascinating creatures that Sollie encounters in this book.

Beth said, “A fellow traveler once told me, ‘If you go only one place in your life, go to Galapagos.’ I agree. I’ve been to many other places, but Galapagos is my favorite. I definitely wanted to show Sollie, and all of our readers, the wonders of these special, unique islands.”

Kathy said, “The Galapagos Islands are home to some of the earth’s unique birds and animals. There are few places in the world where you can have an upclose and personal interaction with wild creatures.

The Blue-Footed Boobies captured our imaginations, along with the iguanas, tortoises, and many other birds. We want to share our love of Galapagos with you.”

SUNBURY PRESS – Bestsellers for January, 2015 (by Revenue)
Rank Last Month Title Author Category
1 Solomon Screech Owl Goes to the Galapagos Beth Lancione Childrens
2 Solomon Screech Owl’s First Flight Beth Lancione Childrens
3 Flying Pants Lola James Childrens
4 4 As the Paint Dries Carrie Wissler-Thomas Art History
5 Jesus the Phoenician Karim El Koussa Relgious History
6 Shadows in the Shining City John Cressler Historical Fiction
7 2 Geology of the Mahanoy, Mahantongo and Lykens Valleys Steve Troutman Earth History
8 9 Call Sign Dracula Joe Fair War Memoir
9 11 Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last Mike Campbell History
10 NEW Beagle Tales 5 Bob Ford Pet Humor
11 Petrified Tanya Reimer YA Fiction
12 1 Pit Bulls Anthony Julian History
13 Going Home Sharon Marchisello Thriller Fiction
14 18 Winter of the Metal People Dennis Herrick Historical Fiction
15 Emeralds of the Alhambra John Cressler HIstorical Fiction
16 3 Visions of Teaoga Jim Remsen YA Fiction
17 The Trevorton, Mahanoy and Susquehanna Railroad Steve Troutman History
18 Tulpehocken Trail Traces Steve Troutman History
19 The Phoenician Code Karim El Koussa Action Adventure
20 Whimsy and Wry Guy Graybill Literary Fiction

fp_fcSunbury Press had its best January ever, up nearly 3x from last January, and 4.5% from December. It was the first time in 5 years that January sales topped December. Hardcover books grabbed the top 4 spots in the bestseller rankings, dominated by the Children’s category. Trade paperback sales were double hardcover sales, and remain the most popular format. EBooks have slipped to third, amounting to only 5% of all sales. Hardcover sales were over 6x the eBook sales. EBook sales were up over last month, however, by nearly 20% thanks to price increases implemented after Christmas.

The three children’s books were helped by the standing-room only Children’s Day event at the Sunbury Press Store — more successful than the 10th Anniversary Party with Keith Rommel, Brahm Gallagher, and Bang. Ten Percent of all sales from that day were donated to help the Lanciones following the death of Beth, the author of the Solomon Screech Owl series, and her husband Mel. As the Paint Dries, Carrie Wissler-Thomas’s history of the Art Association of Harrisburg, co-authored by Michael Barton, held at #4 due to demand at the Art Association. Karim El Koussa’s Jesus the Phoenician(#5) and The Phoenician Code (#19) took two spots on the list due to export orders to Lebanon. John Cressler’s due, Shadows in the Shining City and Emeralds of the Alhambra grabbed #6 and #15 due to author events. Steve Troutman’s Geology of the Mahanoy, Mahantongo and Lykens Valleysheld at #7 thanks to author activities. Troutman also charted at #17 with The Trevorton, Mahanoy, and Mahantongo Railroad and #18 with Tulpehocken Trail Traces. Joe Fair’s Vietnam memoir Call Sign Dracula climbed the rankings to #8 thanks to author appearances. Mike Campbell’s Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last inched up to #9 due to continued national media attention for the search for the aviatrix’s plane. Beagle Tales 5 debuted at #10 thanks to Bob Ford’s following. Petrified, the YA novel by Canadian Tanya Reimer, returned to the chart at #11 thanks to sales north of the border. Tony Julian’s Pit Bulls, available in both trade paperback and hardcover, slipped to #12 following a strong Christmas showing. Sharon Marchisello’s Going Home grabbed lucky #13 thanks to sales in the Southland in advance of her events. Winter of the Metal People, by Dennis Herrick, moved up to #14 thanks to author activities. Jim Remsen’s Visions of Teaga slipped to #16. Guy Graybill’s Whimsy and Wry rounded out the list, thanks to author activities.

The company released five new titles during the month of January


SUNBURY PRESS – New Releases for January, 2015
Malaformed Realities Volume 1 Thomas Malafarina Thriller Fiction
Beagle Tales 5 Bob Ford Pet Humor
Courting Doubt and Darkness J. M. West Thriller Fiction
The Bookseller’s Secret Catherine Jordan Thriller Fiction
How to Achieve Peace of Mind Dorsman & Davis Mindfulness

For a list of Sunbury’s best-sellers, please see the Sunbury Press web site:
For a complete list of recent and upcoming releases, please see:

Coming soon — John L. Moore’s “Frontier Pennsylvania Series” with art by Andrew Knez, Jr.

Northumberland, PA —  Sunbury Press has signed author John L. Moore of Northumberland, PA to publish his well-known Frontier Pennsylvania history series, which will reach eight volumes with the latest release:

  • Forts, Forests and Flintlocks
  • Bows, Bullets and Bears
  • Cannons, Cattle and Campfires
  • Pioneers, Prisoners and Peace Pipes
  • Rivers, Raiders and Renegades
  • Settlers, Soldiers and Scalps
  • Travelers, Traders and Tomahawks
  • Warriors, Wampum and Wolves

Each volume will be 8×5 inch paperbacks, ranging from 50 to 70 pages, with full-color covers.

john(From the Republican Herald Dec. 23, 2012):

Moore, a veteran newspaperman, said he employed a journalist’s eye for detail and ear for quotes in order to write about long-dead people in a lively way. He said his books are based on 18th and 19th century letters, journals, memoirs and transcripts of official proceedings such as interrogations, depositions and treaties.

The author is also a professional storyteller who specializes in dramatic episodes from Pennsylvania’s colonial history. Dressed in 18th century clothing, he does storytelling in the persona of “Susquehanna Jack,” a frontier ruffian. Moore is available weekdays, weekends and evenings for audiences and organizations of all types and sizes.

Moore has participated in several archaeological excavations of Native American sites. These include the Village of Nain, Bethlehem; the City Island project in Harrisburg, conducted by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission during the 1990s; and a Bloomsburg University dig in 1999 at a Native American site near Nescopeck. He also took part in a 1963 excavation conducted by the New Jersey State Museum along the Delaware River north of Worthington State Forest.

Moore’s 45-year career in journalism included stints as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal; as a Harrisburg-based legislative correspondent for Ottaway News Service; as managing editor of The Sentinel at Lewistown; as editorial page editor and managing editor at The Daily Item in Sunbury; and as editor of the Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal in Bethlehem.

Regarding cover artist Andrew Knez, Jr.:

THE FISHERI have been marketing my “Frontier Art” full time since the spring of 2000. The text that accompanies many of my paintings or prints is material from extensive research into period journals, diaries, archival records and I have a number of experts with whom I consult about particular details of an intended painting. It is not uncommon for the research into a particular portrayal of an event or proper clothing and accoutrements represented to take much longer than the actual painting. The text helps the viewer to have a more in-depth understanding of the subject of the painting. One-thousand copies of my recent book entitled “Eastern Frontier Art” sold out in twenty months through word of mouth, a few small ads in historical publications and personal appearances at historical sites. My art has graced the covers and/or pages of many books including the Kentucky Social Studies S. E. textbook by Harcourt Publishing, Rockhouses and Rhododendron, Volumes 1 and 2 by John Curry, The Indian Capture of Jacob Nicely by Robert Nicely, On the Banks of the Gauley by Rock Foster and Skulking in the Woods by Ben Scharff. To date, I have had my art on the covers of over 70 national and international publications including Backwoodsman, Muzzle Blasts, Muzzleloader, On the Trail, Black Powder Cartridge News, Journal of the Americas and Precision Shooting Magazine. I also was commissioned to create the video cover art for “The Captives”, an award winning documentary about the abduction of Mary Draper Ingles. I was made a Signature member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society along with being accepted as a member of the American Plains Artists. My originals are in many private, corporate and historical collections such as: The National Rifle Association, Bushy Run Battlefield, The Beaver County Historical Center, Old Bedford Village, The Brandy Station Foundation, Prickett’s Fort, Wilderness Road State Park, Contemporary Longrifle Association and Owensboro Museum of Fine Art.

For more information about the artist:

For more information, please visit

Meet Sunbury Press’ Owner Lawrence Knorr! by Tammy Burke

LvK by Tammi KnorrHow delightful having you back at the “Write Stuff” conference again! And wow! Is it coming up fast. Anything new and exciting you can share regarding you and/or the Sunbury Press?  
Lawrence Knorr: Yes!  It is an honor to be asked back. It is hard to believe two years have passed since the last time! Sunbury Press just completed its best year ever from a sales perspective. We continue to grow and succeed in a very tough, competitive environment. We are celebrating our tenth year in business in 2014 — but I can tell you it feels like 100 years! We’ve transformed ourselves twice in that span — caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly — what’s next? Most recently, we have seen ebooks peak, their growth rate slowing, while independent bookstore sales have picked up. While our Amazon business has continued to grow, other channels are growing faster. We have dubbed 2014 our “Year of Collaboration” focusing on ways our 120+ authors can experience better results by helping each other and by working together in teams. So far, there has been a lot of positive energy. We also opened, February 1, our first company bookstore in Mechanicsburg, PA, where our headquarters is located. Our goal was to provide a storefront for all of our books — and a venue for our authors to meet the public. We really want to be an important part of the local community for our local and regional authors — and provide another option to our more far flung partners. It’s a great place to meet prospective authors and to talk about books with the general public.
Based on your webpage, I understand the your company holds a “Continue the Enlightenment” mentality from the 18th 3609278century and the “Age of Reason.” Could you expand more what that means to you and to the Sunbury Press?
Lawrence Knorr: “Continue the Enlightenment” is a motto that represents our mission statement. Simply put, we are a publisher of diverse categories, but we are always seeking to bring new perspectives and voices to the marketplace. The Enlightenment was about a new order of things — not unlike what is happening in publishing today. The old order governed by a strong center of control is being challenged by more democratic ideals. This is what the independent publishing movement is all about — whether doing it yourself or with an independent publisher. We are experiencing an era of rapid democratization of the publishing industry. If only Hugh Fox had lived a little longer! I’ll never forget the day he called me – Hugh Fox – one of the founders of the Pushcart Prize. He revealed he was dying of cancer and offered me the opportunity to publish his remaining works. He said Sunbury Press was exactly the kind of publisher he was looking for. I was very grateful for his offer, and encouraged him to spread the dozen or so works around to other presses, keeping two of them for ourselves. Hugh liked the motto, and we think it is very appropriate at this time.
What was the motivation to start the Sunbury Press? What makes it different than other publishing companies?
Lawrence Knorr: I started the company in 2004 because I wanted to publish some family histories. I didn’t want to pay someone else to do it, so I Ambit_Island_Series.inddembarked on figuring out how. While this was only ten years ago, it was when vanity presses were a cottage industry and print on demand and ebooks were in their infancy. I just wanted to sell some books at cost to family members. But, I really enjoyed it and realized I could publish other books — not just my own. Two hundred and twenty titles and one hundred and twenty authors later, we have really grown thanks to our business model and our philosophy. We are different for several reasons:
1) We are very tech-savvy. My wife and I both have long careers in IT and understand the Age of Content and the importance of search engines, ecommerce and mobile commerce.
2) We do NOT charge for services. Many publishers are experimenting with vanity, hybrid or subsidy models. We refuse to go in this direction, instead making our money by selling books.
3) We have editors working for us as employees of our company. We take quality very seriously.
4) My wife and I are also photographers and digital artists, able to design book covers, marketing materials, graphic designs, web content, etc.
5) We are “generalist opportunists” — working in a broad number of categories. We understand the advantages of breadth and scale to the economic sustainability of an enterprise.
6) We love what we do. I really enjoy working with authors to bring their work to the marketplace. It tickles the soul.
tsarr_pubI was wondering…Is there anything in particular you are looking for in an author and his or her manuscript?
Lawrence Knorr: Quality Manuscript + Motivated Author + Publisher = Success
We are always looking for high quality manuscripts — in a variety of fiction and nonfiction categories. Quality is more than just well-written / grammatically correct. Quality is about fresh ideas, new found truths and entertainment. We like material that brings value to our readers.
We like to gauge an author’s motivations. Gone are the days of sitting at a typewriter, mailing a box of paper to a publisher and then waiting by the door for the checks to arrive. Authors need to be involved in their success. While we provide editing, design, formatting, ebook creation, printing, distribution, marketing, etc., we do best when authors are out and about advocating their work and promoting themselves. We are an ideal option for authors whose work is good enough not to have to pay to publish — who want to be writers and not start their own publishing businesses. Most writers are not business savvy. We bring the business expertise to the mix.
Anything you’d like to see more of? Anything you’d like to see less of?
ktcw_pubLawrence Knorr: Thankfully, the vampire craze has past. There’s probably a metaphor somewhere in that regarding the publishing industry! We are always looking for more history and historical fiction — more clever YA and more entertaining police procedurals and mysteries. We like good literary fiction too! We’ve had a lot of inquiries about poetry — something we rarely publish.
Do you work with authors to help them increase sales? Or do you allow them to do that for themselves?
Lawrence Knorr: We generate our revenue exclusively from selling books. So, we are ALWAYS looking for ways to sell more books — whether a new channel to open, a new retailer to call upon, a new country to access, or an author’s activities. As I stated in the opening, we have dubbed 2014 the “Year of Collaboration” and are seeking new ways to collectively leverage our scale. There are opportunities for Sunbury Press authors to go beyond our activities and their individual efforts — to work together within a category or region.
I understand you have authored eight books on regional history. Could you tell us more about them? What were their inspiration.  
JFR_fcLawrence Knorr: Where did I ever find the time? My early books: “The Descendants of Hans Peter Knorr,” “The Relations of Milton Snavely Hershey,” “The Relations of Isaac F Stiehly,” “General John Fulton Reynolds,” “The Relations of Dwight D Eisenhower” and “The Hackman Story” were family history / genealogy focused. I wanted to write about my relations — a very deep and rich history linked to important people and events in Pennsylvania and the nation. While researching at the Lancaster County Historical Society, I also stumbled upon the journal and letters of my great uncle David Bear Hackman, describing his adventure to California for the Gold Rush. I edited and contextualized this treasure into the book “A Pennsylvania Mennonite and the California Gold Rush.” My more recent works have been collaborations:  “Keystone Tombstones Civil War” with Joe Farrell and Joe Farley — about famous people buried in Pennsylvania who played a part in the Civil War and “There is Something About Rough and Ready” about the village in the heart of the Mahantongo Valley at the center of that region’s Pennsylvania Dutch culture. I have several other projects under way for release in the coming years: “The Visiting Physician of Red Cross” – about the career of Dr. Reuben Muth of Red Cross, PA (I have his collection of visiting doctor records from 1850 to 1890), “Palmetto Tombstones” — about famous people buried in South Carolina, “Scheib of Shibe Park” — a biography of the former Philadelphia A’s pitcher — and youngest American Leaguer ever — Carl Scheib of Gratz, PA.
Being born and raised in the Susquehanna Valley myself I was wondering if you’ve done anything regarding Sunbury, particularly the Hotel Edison or Lewisburg?
Lawrence Knorr: We borrowed the name Sunbury from the town in Pennsylvania because it was near the Mahantongo Valley — and I liked the name. But, that’s about as far as it goes. We have yet to publish anything about Sunbury, the town in Pennsylvania or nearby Lewisburg. However, our book “Digging Dusky Diamonds” by John Lindermuth is about Shamokin, PA and the nearby coal regions. Our best-selling “Prohibition’s Prince” is about the famous moonshiner Prince Farrington from Williamsport, PA.  Our “Keystone Tombstones” series spans the entire state and often touches on historical figures from the Susquehanna Valley.
Do you have favorite time period and place regarding history?
Lawrence Knorr: I teach Comparative Economic and Political Systems at Wilson College once a year. I really enjoy teaching this class because it allows me to span economic history from classical times to present. My favorite time periods / places are the Roman Empire in the first few centuries AD and 19th and early 20th century America. I am intrigued by our industrialization in the early 1800s — and the entrepreneurship and personal responsibility that was present. Most of the people living today would feel very insecure without their comforts, insurances and government safety nets. I long for that time when individual hard work and creativity could amount to something tangible — and when we relied on ourselves, our families, our religious institutions and our communities.
What did you like best about holding the office of president for MidAtlantic Book Publishers Association (MBPA)?
Lawrence Knorr: I was honored to be elected the President of MBPA for one year. I met a lot of great people, including my predecessor Mary Shafer. My goal was to make sure our organization survived the struggles it was going through and could become sustainable. The new team that formed was very motivated to do so, and they continue on without me. Unfortunately, the demands of my growing business prevent me from volunteering at this time.
Your digital photography is quite beautiful. I particularly enjoy your vibrant use of color. How long have you been practicing this art and I’m curious…how many book covers have you designed?
Lawrence Knorr: Thank you! I’ve been a photographer since I was 12 years old. I began showing my work in 2006, after a local gallery liked my attempts at “Photo Impressionism.” I was one of the pioneer artists who was trying to make photographs look like paintings. My work has been shown around the country and has won awards — and is in collections and even a museum or two. While I have not been as active at showing my work, I have designed over 100 book covers over the last three years. My wife says they are getting better!  I really enjoy doing it, and most of the authors are very pleased with the results.
What are your thoughts on selling internationally? Do you find that foreign bookstores cater to the same reading choices as here in our area?
Lawrence Knorr: We sell our books in at least a dozen other countries — UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia, India, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Taiwan … even Lebanon! We’re developing expertise in foreign rights as well as foreign distribution. We have found the rest of the world lags the US in eBook adoption — and still have a very strong book retailers. We’ve had the most success in the UK, for obvious reasons – but have also broken through where our titles touch on target markets.
I want to thank you for taking time out for this interview, Lawrence. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Lawrence Knorr has been involved with book publishing for fourteen years. His  company, Sunbury Press, Inc., headquartered in Mechanicsburg, PA, is a publisher of trade paperback and digital books featuring established and emerging authors  in many fiction and nonfiction categories. Sunbury’s books are printed in the USA and sold through leading booksellers worldwide. Sunbury currently has over  120 authors and 200 titles under management.
Lawrence has taught business and project management courses for ten years, and is the author of eight books. He is also an award-winning digital artist, and has designed dozens of book covers . Lawrence is the former President of the MidAtlantic Book Publishers Association (MBPA)
Most interested in U.S. & World history and other nonfiction (sports,
professional, hobbies) — also historical fiction, mystery/thriller.

Will consider YA fiction, contemporary and historical romance, horror (no
vampires), literary fiction.

Not looking for children’s picture books and poetry at this time.

Tammy Burke, GLVWG member, 2011 conference chair and past president, has published around 400 newspaper and regional magazine articles. She has interviewed state and local government officials, business and community leaders, everyday folk and celebrities, in addition to helping write scripts for over a dozen television commercials and writing various business communications. Currently, she is in the revision stage for her first YA fantasy adventure book, the first in an intended series. When not writing, she works in the social service field and is a fencing marshal in the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA).

Sunbury Press bookstore to open February 1 in Mechanicsburg

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press, the book publisher of trade paperbacks and eBooks located at 50 West Main Street, Mechanicsburg (, is celebrating its tenth year in business in 2014. Sunbury’s books feature established and emerging authors in many fiction and nonfiction categories and are sold through leading booksellers worldwide.

Standing room only...

Standing room only…

“2013 was our best year ever,” said co-owner Lawrence Knorr. “Our sales topped all prior years and we exhibited at Book Expo America in New York City. We also held several great events at our Mechanicsburg office.”

Sunbury Press has grown rapidly over the years and now publishes, on average, 70 books a year, having over 200 titles and 120 authors under management.

“We are a traditional press, not a vanity press,” explained co-owner Tammi Knorr. “We receive over 1,000 manuscript proposals a year and select only the best for publication. We do not charge our authors to publish. Instead, we invest in the manuscript by editing, designing and formatting it into a high quality finished product at our expense. We then pay our authors royalties on the sales.”

Some of Sunbury Press’s best-selling titles include “Pit Bulls” by Anthony Julien, a compilation of historic photos of pit bulls with

Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls

their families, the “Keystone Tombstones” series by Joe Farrell and Joe Farley, documenting the lives and graves of famous people buried in Pennsylvania, Mike Campbell’s “Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last,” revealing the fate of the aviatrix, lost in the South Pacific,” and Ernie Marshall’s “That Night at Surigao,” recording the last engagement between battleships in World War 2. In addition to local, regional and world history, the company publishes historical fiction, action adventure, murder mysteries, horror, literary fiction, children’s, self-help, sports and etc.

The Knorrs have decided to up the ante in 2014, converting their office, which had been a showroom and event space, into a full-fledged Sunbury Press bookstore.

“We had a lot of success with our author events – especially on First Fridays,” said Lawrence. “We had people standing out on the sidewalk trying to hear our authors who were presenting inside. While the vast majority of our sales are online and through bookstores around the world, we have had a number of local people who just want to stop in to buy our books. Our books sold well at our events, so we’ve invested in shelves and fixtures and will be offering all of our titles all of the time at our 50 West Main Street location.”

The new Sunbury Press retail store opens February 1st. Store hours are Tuesday thru Friday 10-5 and Saturday from 9 to 2.

ktcw_pub“We will also be holding events on most First Fridays,” said Tammi. “Those Fridays, we’ll stay open until 10 pm.”

Sunbury Press will be offering special deals available only to walk-in customers, such as bargain books and buy-one-get-one free offers. There will also be a limited number of used books not published by Sunbury Press.

For more information, please see, or on Facebook at….